Fundamentals Of Our Philosophy


-The management process has become more complex due to an increase in the number & physical assets, more complex designs, new techniques and changing views of the organizational roles & responsibilities

-Operating Behaviors and Practices have a significant impact on the management process

-There must be shared accountability between all functional areas – the procurement , engineering, facilities / maintenance and production organizations

-Management is responding to a constantly changing set of expectations due to increasing pressures to achieve high plant availability and containment of costs, quality and customer service

-Management & Supervisors are being required to adapt to new ways of thinking and acting and the investment in new systems is creating a data driven environment but not necessarily providing the data to manage

-Communications have become strained with little focus on timely, long term problem solving.

Integrated Maintenance Resource Planning
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Operational Cost Improvement
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Non-Capital Energy Management – Benefits
MAL has a proven track record with Fortune 1000 Companies. We have the experience and the ability to improve your energy efficiency, usage and support/complement sustainability efforts.  North America has made significant investments in energy efficiencies over the past few years.  Since 1973, com Read More...