MAL has delivered successful results for several hundred clients over the years. We are proud to share with you some of the quotes that our clients have said about working with MAL:

Food – it is with great pleasure & enthusiasm that I endorse MAL to your business. MAL provided us a structured approach to behavior change in the workplace. We focused on plant yield improvements through reduction in waste & proper separation to ensure inputs were streamed to the highest value product line. The project has resulted in significant improvements to yield & resulted in savings long before the project was completed.  I highly recommend MAL’s approach for optimizing the manufacturing facility through reduced variability & personnel development Plant Manager

Chemical – MAL personnel worked with plant resources to form a seamless team. The level of expertise in their disciplines & professionalism exhibited by MAL was exemplary– President & CEO

Chemical Energy  Using MAL to help reduce our energy consumption was a success! We achieved the project savings and established an Energy Management Operating System to ensure the sustainability of those savings. I wholeheartedly recommend MAL to any organization that is looking for a proven methodology to drive energy usage & cost improvements – Site General Manager

Metals – We have completed the MAL project and have met every project goal that was defined at the start. Although there were challenges during the project, the MAL team worked well with my personnel to ensure the success of the project. I look forward to a continued relationship with MAL – Vice President Manufacturing

Shipbuilding – Our goal of constructing 12 tankers & driving a 200% improvement in production was a real challenge. We had to improve our management process & partnered with MAL to work in our block fabrication & steel shop areas. Our goal was to remove obstacles to a worker’s performance & to improve their accountability & individual productivity. The project was focused on creating a more aware management team driving cost control as well as adherence to schedule. The MAL project was a great success & we are happy with what MAL has achieved. The return on our investment greatly exceeded our expectations – Vice President Shipbuilding

MAL’s philosophy of maintaining long term relationships with companies is based on delivering measurable results that are sustaining. Our experience is driven out of working across a wide variety of industries in many different geographic locations and cultures.

Typical improvement results we have achieved with our clients are:

– Improve direct labor productivity 25%
– Improve maintenance effectiveness by 25%
– Improve uptime by 8%
– Reduce energy consumption by 10%-15% through non-capital methods
– Operational cost reduction by 10%-20%
– Reduce yield / re-work / scrap by 5%-15%
– Reduce package material waste by 8%
– Increase throughput by 25%
– Improve material cost (cost per unit) 8%
– Reduce maintenance overtime by 7%

One denominator among the companies we work for is common no matter what the situation people must feel that they are a part of the change process or the results will not be sustainable. MAL’s results are not just one time savings – they continue long after the MAL work is completed what gets measured, gets managed.

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