The MAL Process

MAL provides a unique capability for capturing Measurable Improvements thru an integrated approach for improving the management process.

The opportunity for operational improvement, which when integrated, can have a significant impact on reducing operating costs

– The challenges facing management in today’s globally competitive world include:

-The improvement of the management process by managing people more effectively and educating the supervision with the right skill sets can yield significant results

The process consists of two distinct phases of work:

Phase I Analysis
  • Alignment of management goals and scope
  • Analyzes
    • Costs Production, Inventory, Quality, Maintenance, & Energy
    • Operational Line Capabilities
    • Operating & Reporting Systems
    • Scheduling, procedures & standards
    • Organizational Structure
    • Operational Culture
  • Identifies barriers and key findings
  • Determines opportunities and rationalizes benefits
  • Future state concept
  • Business case
  • Deployment strategy & project approach
  • Call to action
Phase II Implementation
  • Leadership alignment
  • Quick results program for set-ups & changeovers
  • Detailed process improvements including better energy management
  • New control techniques for maintenance & production operations
  • Focused productivity improvements
  • Commitment to change
  • Implementation of change
  • Management operating accountabilities
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